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Ayuna Suncare – Velo


Ayuna Velo – A sophisticated day cream…
that veils skin with luxurious velvet to treat and shield
from exposome exposure.

Ayuna suncare velo – 6-in-1 Suprastratum Protection

The latest generation of protection goes beyond merely
shielding from solar radiation; it entails strengthening the skin’s
suprastratum, a superficial layer of the skin playing a vital role in
its appearance and health, and helping it adapt to the actions it
must take when subjected to the aggressors radically influencing
epidermal deterioration.
VELO offers 6 defense strategies to expand your skin’s innate
protection capacity by mimicking the protection code used by
your skin in response to exposome exposure:

Anti-Pollutant Barrier
Antioxidant Barrier
Light Barrier
Water Barrier
Lipidic Barrier
Postbiotic Barrier


VELO is designed as a multi-functional day cream to life-proof your skin.

Downsize Your Beauty Routine

Simply cleanse, apply VELO, and go on with your life.4

*If desired, VELO may also be applied over an oil, serum or cream.

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