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Essence High Protein Cream-in-Oil Peel

A multifunctional 3-in-1 exfoliating mask that instantly uncovers silky,
smooth skin through a gentle and highly effective formula.

why it’s a WOW product

3 products in 1
I. Goes on as a protein peel
II. Removes as a gentle gommage polish
III. Transforms into a serum of organic olive oil
AAA vs. AHA – a new approach to peels
Rather than conventional AHAs, ESSENCE introduces the
Protein Peel based in Alpha Amino Acids (AAA). The AAAs
used, aspartic and glutamic acids, are as effective as a glycolic,
but without the sensitivity, irritation or redness that typically
accompanies AHAs.
Grain-free Gommage
Biodegradable Cellulose provides ESSENCE the ability to
create thick rolls that gently polish the skin while removing the
product. It is grain-free (no micro-particles), and therefore not
abrasive & will not irritate or damage the skin.
Nourishing Serum
Once the product is removed, in its wake remains a serum of
organic olive oil, which leaves it feeling juicy, supple and
hydrated without any oily residue.
Instant Results
The ultimate WOW product. Visible results with simply one
application, made even better with regular use over time.

for all skin
ageless & genderless
all skin types, including sensitive
face, neck, eye contour & lips

free from any ingredients of concern
100% natural & 52% organic
natural, essential oil-based fragrance

ideal for
everyone – exfoliation is an essential
instant result seekers
those with spots or uneven skin
customers who describe their skin as
rough or dehydrated
anyone experiencing issues with a
smooth makeup application
those with sensitive/sensitized skin with
few exfoliation options
any skin that needs to breathe
those seeking to revitalize dull, tired
looking skin

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